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Amy Zhong, Co-President




Name: Amy Zhong 

Position: Co-President 

School: University High School, Grade: 10 



Amy’s interest in math was first sparked by OCMC’s Thanksgiving Math Tournament. After placing first when she was in 4th grade, she began to really enjoy competitions and STEM, and she started volunteering at OCMC in eighth grade to give back to the community that had originally introduced her to the STEM environment. She wishes for other students to love mathematics as she does and believes volunteering for OCMC best serves that cause. She has been an active member of OCMC since 8th grade, served as Assistant Director of Elementary School Math Club as a freshman, and looks forward to serving as Co-President this year.


Activities: Outside of Math for Service, Amy competes in numerous competitions such as Science Olympiad, AMC's, and individual olympiads. In addition to math and science, Amy also enjoys painting, pretending to enjoy piano, trying desperately to adequately play the viola, and trying not to fall asleep.


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Michael Wu, Co-President


Name: Michael Wu

Position: President

School: University High School, Grade: 11


Ever since he was a child, Michael has been particularly interested in mathematics and first began his journey with OCMC as a fourth grader, competing in the Thanksgiving Tournament. Turns out this little kid was not exactly the greatest at math, so since then he has expanded his interests to science and leadership, while still remaining extremely engaged and interested in the field of math.  As Michael stumbled out of middle school and reached high school, his passion for math and OCMC was rekindled when he became the Middle School Math Club Director.  This previous year, Michael was the VP of Marketing and he successfully managed to raise unfathomably high sums of money.


This year, Michael will take over as President of the Orange County Math Circle and he has big dreams for the organization, starting by ensuring that every single participant has a quality experience with OCMC and then by expanding OCMC’s outreach through things like a new math club in San Juan Capistrano, Summer Math Fun Nights, and Career Days.


Activites: Outside of mathematics, he is actively involved with science fair and has done research at UCI for the past three years. Michael is also on school leadership as well and was president of his class. In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball, running into and falling over hurdles, and hanging out with his friends and family.

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Justin Li, Vice President of Operations


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Name: Justin Li

Position: VP of Operations

School: Beckman High School, Grade: 12

While Justin never really loved math as much as most of the other people on this board, he realize that math is an invaluable and indispensable tool in life. As a result, he joined OCMC to answer many students' question of "When are we ever going to use this in real life?" when taught new math concepts.


Justin joined SAMC as an assistant teacher way back when he was in 8th grade. At first, he volunteered because he thought it was really fun to write ridiculous problems and watch his students laugh and struggle at the same time. But that wasn't enough, so when Justin became the director, he implemented original curriculum with random and interesting problems to keep kids happy while solving math problems. This year, he plans on improving all of the math clubs, from the little kids in the Elementary Math Club to fellow high schoolers.


Activities: Through his high school years, Justin competed in various science and math competitions like AMC, AIME, and USAPhO, but he much preferred competing in the engineering ones like FRC, TARC, and even popsicle bridge building. Fortunately, Justin has finally become a senior and plans on redirecting his focus on sleeping, eating, and getting ready to retire.

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Jennifer Choi, Vice President of Communications



Name: Jennifer Choi

Position: VP of Communications

School: Oxford Academy, Grade: 12


Jennifer’s passion for math began as a sixth grader, and since then, she has participated in the AMCs and various other math competitions outside of school, including Math Prize for Girls and Math Day at the Beach. She joined OCMC in her freshman year in hopes to share her interest for math and to inspire others to develop a passion for the subject as well. After volunteering as a lead teacher for Santa Ana Math Club and director of Elementary School Math Club, Jennifer greatly enjoyed these experiences and wished to contribute to the organization more, motivating her to become Vice President of Communications in her junior year. As she continues for a second year in this position, she hopes to help OCMC continue to create opportunities for students of all ages to learn from one another and share their love for math.


Acitivities: Jennifer is part of her school's symphony orchestra, instrumental Music Council, STEM Math Department, tennis team, and yearbook staff. In her free time, she loves playing the piano, listening to music, reading, snacking, rhyming, and catching up on sleep.

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Austin Sun, Vice President of Marketing




Name: Austin Sun

Position: VP of Marketing

School: Troy High School, Grade: 11



Austin is currently a junior at Troy High School. In 7th grade, a trip to the New Year’s Invitational held by OCMC introduced him to the world of math competitions. He won individual 2nd place at the regional MathCounts competition in 8th grade, fueled and prepared by the fun simulation of MathCounts at the New Year Invitational. At that invitational, Austin never envisioned himself as one of the volunteers. But high school came faster than expected, and he gladly embraced the opportunity to provide the same type of encouragement and love for math to younger students.


This past year, he served as Director of Middle School Math Club, holding lessons aimed at improving students’ confidence and abilities in mathematical problem solving. At the same time, Austin volunteered at Santa Ana Math Club, teaching math to underprivileged students and helping them flourish in their interest and skills in math. Seeing young students grow has been rewarding and Austin hopes that he will be able to continue to play an important role in spreading the love of math through OCMC.


Activities: Austin enjoys all aspects of math and from his same passion that drives him to volunteer for OCMC, derives his excellence in mathematics, from qualifying for USAJMO this past year to participating in the competitive yet fun compeitions of the Caltech Harvey Mudd Math Competition. He also spends a good amount of time on Science Olympiad and is quite the expert on a number of different fields like Disease Detectives, having won 2nd place nationally in the event. Asides from academics, Austin enjoys playing basketball and reading novels in his spare time.


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Natalie Yee, Director of Tournaments

IMG 8550

Name: Natalie Yee

Position: Tournaments Director

School: St. Margaret’s Episcopal School, Grade: 10

Natalie has loved math all her life. She has participated in many math tournaments and competitions including MATHCOUNTS, AMC8/10, and all three annual OCMC tournaments. Her lifelong passion for math led her to join OCMC in eighth grade. When she participated in the tournaments, she really enjoyed the fact that they showed that math is fun. Ever since, she has wanted to give back to her community and provide the same opportunity to as many children as possible. As tournament director, she would like to continue showing kids that math is fun and encourage and encourage them to pursue their passion in math. Natalie especially hopes to inspire more girls to become interested in math. With first-hand experience of being the one of the only girls in her school interested in math, she feels that it is necessary to prevent girls from feeling discouraged from pursuing their passion in math.

Activities: Natalie enjoys particiapting in Mu Alpha Theta, Model United Nations, Junior Classical League, Junior Chamber Music, Junior Chamber Music Student Service Alliance, piano, varsity golf, poetry, computer programming, reading, and supporting the Green Bay Packers!!


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Alexander Kvitsinski, Co-Assistant Director of Tournaments

 Screenshot 2016-07-25-16-37-59



Name: Alexander Kvitsinski 

   Position: Co-Assistant Director of Tournaments

   School: Laguna Beach High School, Grade: 10


Alexander (Sasha) has loved math since his early childhood. Starting classes at Ardent Acamdemy at a young age, he quickly became integrated into the math culture. Alexander loves mixing his love for math with his love for working with other people, and OCMC is a great way for him to do both. Aexander is excited to work hard this following year, and cannot wait to see how much OCMC will grow and flourish this year. 

Activities: Alexander has participaed in competitions as the AMC and Math Kangaroo, and is alos an active member of his school's mathlete's team. Out side of school he swims for a club team, goes outside often and enjoys spending time with his friends. 


 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.il Alexander



Jerry Li, Co-Assistant Director of Tournaments


20160610 153205 

Name: Jerry Li

  Position: Co-Assistant Director of Tournaments

   School: University High School, Grade: 10


Jerry's passion for math started form a very young age, but OC Math Circle's programs helped him in a long way. The opportunities at the math circle helps Jerry connect with people of all ages and help him develop his skills. Volunteering at OC math circle helps with the continuous development in math, and has participated in many competitions since. It has truly been a pleasure for him to volunteer to help students improve and to give back to the community. 
Activities: Through Jerry's high school years, he has participated in many competitions such as AMC, AIME, USACO and much more. In his free time, he also likes to golf, play tennis, sleep and eat.

 Email Jerry



Michelle Hung, Director of Problem Writing Committee




Name: Michelle Hung 

Position: Problem Writing Director 

School: Sage Hill School, Grade: 10 

Michelle’s first experience in competitive math was in third grade, when she participated in OCMC’s first ever Thanksgiving Tournament.  Since then, she has placed first in her grade level in each of OCMC’s tournaments.  She enjoys participating in math competitions, such as AMC, AIME, and ARML.  She has also competed in MATHCOUNTS, and has placed in the top ten at both the Chapter and State levels.

Michelle joined OCMC in seventh grade to spread her interest in math by writing challenging and thought-provoking problems for students.  For the past three years, she has volunteered at the Elementary School Math Club, last year as its director. She also volunteers at all three of OCMC’s tournaments.

Activities: Outside of math, she plays competitive tennis and soccer.  In her free time, she enjoys reading and painting.

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Nathan Kim, Assistant Problem Writing Director

Nathaniel Kim pic

Name: Nathan Kim

City: Rolling Hills Estates

School: Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, Grade: 11th

For as long as he can remember, Nathan has loved mathematics.  He was exposed to the world of math competitions in 2nd grade and continued in elementary and middle school, culminating in a first-place finish at SoCal MathCounts 2014.  After entering high school and still passionate for math, Nathan wanted to give younger students the same opportunities to learn and compete that he once enjoyed.  So he turned to OCMC and its mission to spread math to the community.  He joined its Problem Writing Committee, helping to create tests for the Thanksgiving Tournament and the New Year’s Invitational, and this year was promoted to Assistant Director.

Activities:  Nathan is still involved in the high school competition scene, participating in the AMC series, ARML, and physics contests.  He also plays the piano and violin and hurdles for his school team.  In his sadly limited spare time, he loves to play and watch sports (especially basketball), read, sleep, and have fun with family and friends.



Email Nathan


Steven Tong, Santa Ana Math Club Director, Director of AMC

steven tong 2

Name: Steven Tong

Position: SAMC Director, AMC Director

School: Beckman High School, Grade: 12

Steven Tong is currently a senior at Arnold O. Beckman High School, located in Irvine. He joined Orange County Math Circle his freshman year in an effort to promote an interest in math to others. Working exclusively with Santa Ana Math Club, he has also volunteered for tournaments and the AMC/AIME hosted by Orange County Math Circle. Now, as the returning Director of the AMC, he can once again share his love for math with those who wish to pursue their mathematical endeavors with competitive math.

Having gained the position of Santa Ana Math Circle Director as well, Steven hopes to reach out to more students by using math as a medium. He enjoys volunteering with Orange County Math Circle because he loves helping students develop thought processes through exciting learning experiences. Through the integration of learning and teaching, Steven strives to strengthen the mathematical capabilities of students by exploring a variety of advanced topics.

"Math may not teach us to add love or minus hate, but it gives us hope that every problem has a solution" -Anonymous

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Masha Mouler, Director of Santa Ana Math Club

Leadership Bio Masha


Name: Masha Mouler

Position: SAMC Director

School: Sage Hill School, Grade: 10

Masha loves math because it is the most logical subject taught in school, and she thinks it is a shame that so many students struggle with it because of confusing teaching methods. She volunteers at OCMC because she loves to explain and clarify math to help these wonderful students and stop them from uselessly struggling with math. Masha volunteer at OCMC to help already accelerated students unlock their full mathematical potential and understand and excel in this wonderful, but unappreciated subject. Everyone deserves another chance at understanding mathematics and Masha Mouler would be honored to provide that chance.

Activities: When she is not juggling school and community service, Masha enjoys visual arts, ballroom dance, choir, and the company of her friends and family.

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Linghao Kong, Director of Elementary School Math Club, Director of Math Fun Nights



linghao 2


Name: Linghao Kong


Position: ESMC Director


School: University High School, Grade: 11


Linghao was born in the city of Song Yuan in China and moved to the United States at the age of three. It took quite a while for him to get used to my new surroundings, with the language barrier and unfamiliarity.  Nonetheless, he was able to adapt quite well with the help of my preschool friends and teachers.  


Linghao found his love of math during kindergarten. In the classroom, there was a large calendar in a den. Every day his teacher would have him use math to come up with the that day's date in any way, and, as cheesy as it sounds, Linghao really liked to make up random combinations. His interest and love of math was sparked at that moment, and his fellow students would always approach him if they had a math question. 


Fast forward to middle school.  Linghao started working with OCMC when he was in eighth grade and has been a part of it ever since. He enjoys working with OCMC because he believes that the organization makes a positive impact on the community by instilling an excitement of math among students and teachers alike. He plans to continue to be an active member for the years to come and looks forward to working with future volunteers.


Activities: Outside of OCMC, Linghao actively participates in his school's Ocean Science Bowl club, in which his school team got second place in a regional competition.  He also participates in his school's Math Club which is both exciting, engaging, and educational all at the same time!!! (wow three exclamation marks).  He also is a part of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation at his school because health is of upmost importance to Linghao.  To keep himself active, Linghao "plays" on his school's volleyball team and in his spare time, he enjoys learning about random things and watching movies-his favorite movie is Back to the Future.


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Ivy Cao, ESMC Director and Director of Problem Writing Committee


Name: Ivy Cao

Position: ESMC Director

School: University High School, Grade: 10

Ivy developed her passion for math after she participated in MATHCOUNTS in 6th grade and was the MATHCOUNTS team captain for Venado Middle School. She also competed in AMC for the past three years. Aside from math, Ivy loves science and has dabbled in Science Fair and Science Olympiad. Due to her passion for the subjects, Ivy enjoys giving back to the community and volunteering at various math and science events. Last year, she volunteered to tutor classes for the MATHCOUNTS team at Rancho San Joaquin Middle School. She also volunteered for several ESMC classes and OCMC math tournaments. Inspired by her own experiences, she wants to encourage others to develop a passion for math and contribute to the organization as well. As one of the Directors of ESMC, she hopes that her team will put together an extensive curriculum geared toward helping young peers think out of the box and improving their problem-solving skills.

Activities: Ivy is part of University High School’s CubeSat team and is currently working with Linux C to configure the camera. Outside of academics, Ivy is a passionate pianist. She passed CM Level 10 with Honors and earned numerous awards from competitions. In her free time, she enjoys reading, running, and drawing.


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Daniel Ryu, Assistant Director of ESMC

daniel actual-min

Name: Daniel Ryu

Position: ESMC Assistant Director

School: University High School, Grade: 9


Daniel volunteers at OCMC because he wants to make others have fun while learning math. Making them play games that is fun, but it is secretly helping them learn mathematical skills. Many games already train the brain but the players do not know that they are increasing their skills. He wants to help others exceed their goals in mathematics by games, not just with pencil and paper.


Activities: Daniel is interested in Engineering and Computer science aside from math. He spends his past time reading comics, playing the violin and play competitive computer games. He loves reading Marvel comics but also reads DC as well. He fell in love with Marvel after they released their movies that made him fascinate because of the science fiction used in the movies that made him feel excited. Superheroes are very interesting to him the stories in each comic is special and different from any other story in the world. He is an enthusiast of the gaming company Blizzard because of their computer science and the lore of each game. His favorite game is Overwatch because it is a diverse game. The game is very special with every character completely different from each other. 



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Jenny Li, Director of Middle School Math Club


Name: Jenny Li

Position: MSMC Director

School: University High School, Grade: 11

Jenny has always loved the challenges that math has brought her since she was very young, and she challenged herself through various competitions such as the AMC and AIME. Jenny joined OCMC in her sophomore year, hoping to spread the passion for math among younger students. She enjoys volunteering at OCMC because at OCMC she is able to work with many other students who share similar aspirations with her, which is very fortunate.

Activities: At school, Jenny volunteers as a MathCounts Coach at Rancho San Joaquin Middle School and as a peer tutor. She is also an active member of Uni’s Math Club, Chinese Cultural Club and Girls Who Code Club. In her free time, Jenny takes pleasure in reading, calligraphy, photography and traveling.


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Neal Sharma, Director of Middle School Math Club, Director of Math Fun Nights


neal sharma


Name: Neal Sharma

Position: MSMC Director

School: University High School, Grade: 11


Neal has a strong passion for STEM and has participated in competitions like MATHCOUNTS, AMC 8 and 10, AIME, science fair, and Science Olympiad since middle school. Neal is also involved in debate and music, winning awards in his school's debate team, singing in the IUSD Honors Choir, and performing Indian Classical music concerts. Neal first got involved with OCMC in 7th grade, when he found teaching students competition math a way to give back to the community. This year as director of Middle School Math Club, Neal volunteers to share his interest in math with others and continue to serve the community. This year Neal is also director of the new Math Fun Nights, and is excited to plan fun activities for young students interested in math.


Activities: Outside of math-related activities, Neal also participates in science fairs and interns at a lab in UCI. In his free time, Neal likes to spend time with his family, play tennis, and practice driving in his neighborhood (to prepare for the driving test) and consequently confuse other drivers with wrong turn signals.


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Benjamin Chen, Co-Director of High School Math Club/Math Team

benjamin 2


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Name: Benjamin Chen

Position: HSMC Co-Director

School: Diamond Bar High School, Grade: 12



Benjamin was a participant in some of the earliest OCMC events, and his experiences inspired him to join OCMC as a leader with the dream of improvement and excellence.

Math competitions have been an important part of Benjamin’s life ever since he achieved a perfect score on the AMC 8 in 5th grade. Since then, he has gone on to compete in and win top prizes in a wide variety of math competitions including ARML, Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, Stanford Math Tournament, and the Caltech-Harvey Mudd Math Competition. His math experiences have culminated in qualifying for the USAJMO in 8th grade and receiving an invitation to MOSP after taking the USAMO in 9th grade. He believes his early experiences with the Orange County Math Circle were integral in propelling him to his current success.

As Director of High School Math Club and the OCMC Math Team, Benjamin will look forward to sharing his knowledge and philosophy with bright, aspiring students who wish to challenge the depths of their mathematical skill and compete at the most prestigious of high-school math competitions.

Activities: While Benjamin is mainly interested in math, he also enjoys physics and computer science. In his freshman year, he earned a gold medal in the Physics Semifinal and was a key member of his school’s Science Olympiad team when they competed at States. In his sophomore year, he dabbled in Capture the Flag hacking competitions and USACO. In the summer after his junior year, he attended the Research Science Institute held at MIT. But he feels that his most treasured activity is playing first violin in his school’s National Grammy Signature School-winning Symphony Orchestra. He believes that music is beneficial to everyone, and always plays violin whenever he needs a break from math. Benjamin is also an active Boy Scout and has garnered much volunteer experience; his Scouting career is coming to a close as he has achieved the honored rank of Eagle Scout.


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Jason Ye, Co-Director of High School Math Club/Math Team


 Jason Ye Photo

Name: Jason Ye

Position: HSMC Co-Director

School: University High School, Grade: 12

Jason Ye is currently a senior at University High School.  Ever since fifth grade, when he first participated in the AMC 8 competition, he has been interested in math and math competitions.  He started volunteering for OCMC in 8th grade, as a teacher for Middle School Math Club.  Since then, his passion for volunteering has grown, as he has come to love sharing his interest in math with others.  He has been on OCMC’s board for the past 3 years, first as Middle School Math Club Director, then as Tournaments Director, and now as High School Math Club Director.

In addition to math, Jason is also interested in physics and computer science.  He is part of OC Coder and OC Hacker as well, and is co-president of both math and physics club at University High School.  He likes to program and play board games for fun, and plays clarinet in his school’s marching band and wind ensemble.



Email Jason 


Anivirit Subramaniam, Assistant Director of HSMC, Director of Math Fun Nights




Name: Anivrit Subramaniam

Position: HSMC Assistant Director

School: University High School, Grade: 9


After taking his first AMC 8 in 5th grade, Anivrit has participated in numerous competitions such as Mathcounts, AMC 10, AIME, and ARML. He enjoys challenging himself to solve difficult problems that are beyond his comfort zone. Apart from mathematics, Anivrit has participated in the Orange County Science Fair and enjoys bringing his love for sports and science together in these projects.


Anivrit was intrigued by math from a very young age, and some of his experiences with math competitions came as part of the OCMC events. These amazing experiences inspired him to join OCMC with the dream of spreading his strong passion for math with children around Orange County. As a member of OCMC, Anivrit hopes to inspire kids to pursue topics of interest in the field of math and STEM. As the HSMC assistant director, Anivrit hopes to promote his love of math to young students so that they can treasure it for the rest of their lives.


Activities: Outside of mathematics, Anivrit enjoys enriching his knowledge in physics and computer science. He also enjoys playing his violin and was part of the All-Southern Orchestra since 6th grade. Tennis tournaments and sports in general are a major part of his life and he spends way too much time watching sports (especially all Chelsea FC games) and trying to answer the questions on the show Sports Jeopardy. In his spare time, Anivrit enjoys playing competitive basketball with friends, trying but failing to dunk, and impersonating different basketball stars. 





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