Upcoming Events

Elementary School Math Club: April 14th at Ardent UCI from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Guest Lecture Series: April 15th at Sage Hill School from 3:30 PM to to 6:00 PM



High School Math Club


The purpose of this department is to allow high schoolers with a passion for math to explore the interesting (not only the competitive) aspects of math that are not taught in schools. The meetings should be interesting and accessible both to those who already excel in math competitions and to those who simply have an interest in math but do not care about competitions at all. This department will aim to bring these two groups of high schoolers together and to cultivate an interest in math that goes beyond school and competitions.

High schoolers at these meetings will gain a higher appreciation and understanding of math. They will get a better idea of what math is about - of what mathematicians do. They will spend time doing the math that they enjoy. This year we will have guest lecturers from UCI at the meetings to talk about interesting mathematical concepts that are not taught in school. High schoolers with a passion for math should participate in the meetings because they will get a better idea of what studying math really is about.

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CHMMC Selection - 9/16/17 10 AM - 12 PM at Ardent Northwood
CHMMC Practice - 10/14/17 10 AM - 12 PM at Ardent Northwood
CHMMC Practice - 11/11/17 10 AM - 12 PM at Ardent Northwood
CHMMC - November at Caltech / Harvey Mudd

BMT - March

HMMT - February at MIT

Mock AMC - 1/27/18 10 AM - 12 PM at Ardent Northwood

Mock AIME - 3/3/18 1 PM - 5:15 PM at Ardent Northwood

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