HMNT Math Team Tryouts

On September 28th, many nervous students walked into a classroom at the Northwood campus. They faced a 1 hour, 10 question tryout test for the Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament. OCMC’s Math Team will be sending 2 teams to the HMNT competition, and we decided that the only fair way to choose teams was based off of a tryout test.

At 1 pm, the students began the test, compiled by veteran members of the OCMC Math Team. Over the next hour, the only sounds heard in the room were the furious scratching of pencil on paper and the occasional sigh of frustration.

I​n order to match the level of the actual competition, the tryout test had to be very challenging.

After an hour, the tests were collected. While the tests were being graded, experienced Math Team members led discussions on solutions to the problems. Indeed, there was one question that no one in the room solved. After the explanations were given, the team placement was announced.

OCMC Omega:
Benjamin Chen
Michelle Chen
Victor Chen
Sam Reinehr
Eric Xu
Jason Ye

OCMC Alpha:
Sayok Chakravarty
Jennifer Choi
Yuchen Fan
Jamie Gu
Michelle Hung
Lia Tian


These two teams will be traveling to Harvard in November, representing OCMC at the national tournament. Congratulations to everyone who participated!

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