Santa Ana Math Club First Meeting 2014

by Rianna Jitosho, OCSA, Class of 2015

On October 18th, nearly 100 students from grades 4-8 participated in Santa Ana Math Club’s first of eight monthly classes. Coming from schools across the Santa Ana School District, the students who signed up committed to a year-long program which supplements their math program at school while preparing them for the Santa Ana Math Field Day in June.

With an early start at 9 AM, the first class was primarily to introduce students to their teachers and peers, but also to gauge the students’ current levels. . Students were given diagnostic tests which were written by the multiple volunteers over the summer. The students worked extremely hard on these, and many were successful in solving some of the challenging questions given to them. This class also featured the start of OC Health, a program designed to help the students become more informed consumers. The volunteers associated with OC Health raised an abundance of bananas and bagels for students and volunteers to enjoy while also actively teaching about the basics of the food pyramid in an exciting fashion. A big thank you to everyone that made the first class of OC Health and SAMC a success!

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