The Original Collection of Math Contest Problems by OCMC

If you are a student hungry for new competition math tactics, a coach or teacher hunting for a wealth of original and useful problems, or someone simply seeking to develop exceptional math skills, you have come to the right place. Orange County Math Circle has just published a new book, The Original Collection of Math Contest Problems, perfect for those who wish to accelerate their competition math journey. OCMC Book Cover

Written by Eric Xu, Michelle Chen, Victor Chen, Benjamin Chen, and Jason Ye (all high school volunteers who have qualified for the USA(J)MO), illustrated by Lia Tian, and with a foreword by IMO head coach Professor Po-Shen Loh, this book prepares elementary and middle school students for MATHCOUNTS, Math Olympiads, and beyond. It contains over 500 examples and problems with fully explained solutions, including those representative of the questions found in the OCMC Thanksgiving Tournament, New Year Invitational, and All-Girls Math Tournament. Those looking for a challenge will find extremely difficult problems featuring commonly-seen competition questions (reaching the AMC and AIME levels) peppered throughout the book. All solutions utilize the essential strategies experienced and developed by the authors in their math careers. 

Orange County Math Circle will be presenting The Original Collection of Math Contest Problems as a free gift for tax-deductible donations of $30 or above at all of our major events (including the Thanksgiving Tournament, New Year Invitational, All-Girls Math Tournament, and AMC 8/10/12). Alternatively, the book will be available for purchase on Amazon right here. 100% of the book proceeds go directly to funding OCMC’s associated programs and activities. Thank you for your continued support of Orange County Math Circle!


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