2015 New Year Invitational

by Lia Tian, Irvine High School, Class of 2017

As MATHCOUNTS loomed ever closer, avid young students sought every opportunity they had to experience a competition with time constraints last Saturday afternoon.

The New Year Invitational is one of Orange County Math Circle’s (OCMC) three annual tournaments, along with the Thanksgiving Tournament and the All-Girls Math Tournament. This competition is designed to prepare middle school students for the MATHCOUNTS competition.

According to Countdown Round Champion and 2nd place Individual winner Armen Simonian, “In the AMC8/10, when you visualize problems in your head, it becomes a lot easier, so when you do the countdown rounds, it helps you visualize the problems a lot faster.”

Throughout the day, students competed in four different rounds—the Sprint, Target, Team and Countdown Rounds. In the final Countdown Round, the top 16 scorers from the other rounds were invited to compete in a Jeopardy style math showdown. During the breaks, students could also purchase treats from the bake sale run by high school and parent volunteers.

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While the participants put their knowledge to the test, volunteers were working equally hard behind the scenes to make the competition a  success. For months in advance, OCMC leadership had been busy planning the logistics and recruiting volunteers for the tournament. Throughout the day, they proctored the students, graded tests, helped with media production, and more.

“It was a great way to get the competition season in math started and a great place for all of us to meet in the new year,” pronounced high school senior George Hu, VP of Marketing and Fundraising of OCMC.

As a part of OCMC’s mission to promote the love of math in the local community and close the gender gap in mathematical interests, OCMC will hold the annual All Girl’s Math Tournament in May. In pursuit of the goal to provide opportunities to younger students, OCMC has truly benefited both students and volunteers alike.

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