OCMC 2015-2016 End of Year Summary

2015-2016 was the Orange County Math Circle’s most successful year to date.  From hosting our annual math clubs to expanding the All Girl’s Math Tournament to four new locations to displaying excellence in our traveling math team, we’d like to thank everybody that has made this year a success.  


Our three annual tournaments were a huge success this year.  Great overall enthusiasm from the participants combined with hard work and dedication from the volunteers has helped us uniquely impact our surrounding community.


Jason Ye and Natalie Yee, the tournament directors, worked hard to plan all aspects of the tournaments, from booking the venues and writing the tests to managing registration. They are always thinking of ways to improve and make each year’s tournaments better than the last.


On November 7, 2015, the Thanksgiving Tournament returned to St. Margaret’s Episcopal School for the first time since OCMC’s founding.  Roughly 200 students in third through sixth grade participated in the tournament. They competed in an individual round and then a team activity round of the math game “24!”. The New Year’s Invitational was also held at St. Margaret’s this year. Over 150 students in sixth through eighth grade attended the tournament. The mock MATHCOUNTS format included an individual sprint, target round, team round, and the famed countdown round.  The Seventh All Girls Math Tournament was held at St. Anne School. This year, we expanded to four other satellite locations in addition to our main tournament: San Diego, Las Vegas, Cupertino, and Cypress.


In total, tournaments served over 1,000 participants, sparking their interest in mathematics and challenging them to succeed in a competitive environment.


Elementary School Math Club:


Since the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, Orange County Math Circle’s Elementary School Math Club directors and volunteers have been busy planning fun classes and creating lesson plans for the students. In ESMC’s ten meetings throughout the year, a more engaging curriculum was designed by Linghao Kong and Michelle Hung, the directors of the club.  Assistant directors Amy Zhong and Benjamin Chang did a great job as well.


Middle School Math Club:


The Middle School Math Club accomplished several goals throughout the 2015-2016 school year. Led by Director Austin Sun and Sasha Kvitsinski and Assistant Director Neal Sharma, MSMC prepared students for the AMC 8 and MathCounts through bimonthly classes. MSMC encouraged students to tackle various math challenges and problems in their journey to reach new heights.


High School Math Club:  


Under the direction of Benjamin Chen, the High School Math club has been a place where students with their passions for math have been able to pursue their interests as well as learn and connect with peers through monthly meetings. Members in HSMC competed in prestigious competitions such as the Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament and the Caltech Harvey Mudd Competition in which team members achieved success. The High School Math Club desires to recruit more members and attain greater successes at these competitions.


Santa Ana Math Club:


Our flagship branch, the Santa Ana Math Club is dedicated to helping underprivileged students receive greater understanding of math concepts and preparation for the Santa Ana Math Field Day. Targeted to students between the grades 4 to 8, directors Justin Li and Cindy Vu have led their volunteers to create a greater learning atmosphere in which volunteers taught a curriculum developed with the prior knowledge of math at schools and tournaments, holding monthly classes held from October through May. SAMC aims to improve the club next year with improved lesson plans, a wider array of experienced and skilled teachers, and a greater level of attentiveness than seen before.




Every year, OCMC hosts the AMC competitions, which are a set of highly esteemed international competitions run by the Mathematical Association of America. We held them at Jeffrey Trails Middle School for the first time, where hundreds of students took the AMC’s with OCMC. In total, over 600 students took the AMC 8, AMC 10/12 A and B, AIME, and the USA(J)MO competitions held by OCMC. We also received a trophy for having the highest sum of the top three scores in the region for those who took the AMC 12 with us. As AMC director, Steven Tong planned all the competitions last year and will continue to this coming year.


We are looking forward to a very promising 2016-2017 school year. As our former president Michelle Chen has graduated and will attend Harvard in the fall, upcoming Junior Michael Wu will take the reins and become president of OCMC. We are excited for another great year!


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