Santa Ana Math Club Holds Its First Meeting!

October 15th, a particularly cloudy day, held many expectations for both students and volunteers alike. A wide array of emotions was prevalent on the volunteers' faces as they poured into the Lathrop Intermediate School courtyard at 8:30 AM. The nervousness and anticipation showed on the new volunteers' faces, but nevertheless, they were just as eager as the veteran volunteers to teach the students. As 9:00 PM rolled around, the 80+ students began filling the courtyard, full of excitement as they waited for their Lead Teachers to pick them up and direct them to class. 

Students eagerly picked up a notebook and folders on their way into class, and as they settled down, the volunteers kicked off the lesson with engaging icebreaker activities. Students then proceeded to take a 45 minute diagnostic exam so that the teachers would be able to gauge their abilities and focus on subjects that need the most improvement. 

Shortly after, each grade level was given a break where students had the opportunity to learn about the food pyramid and healthy alternatives to junk food. The break was followed by a few activities where students learned the valuable lesson that in math, there are multiple answers and ways of solving problems, so if their answer or manner of solving a problem differs from someone else, they shouldn't be discouraged. They also participated in activities where they tried explaining how to solve a question without giving away the answer. The last 30 minutes of class was spent on using blocks to visualize the increasing number of blocks needed to create the following stair in a staircase. 

When class finally concluded at 12:00 PM, volunteers and students were both surprised that 3 hours came and gone so quickly. The first Santa Ana Math Club meeting successfully came to a close with volunteers reminding their students that the next class would be on November 12th. 

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