Orange County Math Circle sent a team to the annual Caltech-Harvey Mudd Math Competition (CHMMC) on Sunday, November 19th.

CHMMC is composed of three rounds - a power round, a team round, and an individual round. In the morning, the whole team worked together for power and team rounds, in which they took down some very challenging problems through the sharing of their knowledge. In the afternoon, the ability of each team member was put to test. All members of the team performed to the best of their abilities and finished 9th place in the whole competition.

This year’s team consists of 6 competitors: Anivrit Subramaniam, Michael Zhang, Sean Chen, Andrew Courtney, Ryan Chen, and Pete Hua. None of these members attend the same school, but they were bound together by OCMC and worked collaboratively without any resistance.

“It was an unforgettable experience for me,” said Pete Hua, a first-year participant of this event, “The problems were very challenging, and I really enjoyed working with the team to tackle those difficulties.”

The goal of High School Math Club, a sub-organization of OCMC that selected and trained the team, is to inspire students with a passion for math to explore their interest. Bearing this idea, Anivrit considered CHMMC as more than just a competition.

“CHMMC is a platform for us to explore, learn [new things], and test our skills.” Said Anivrit, the Co-Director of HSMC, who has been a part of the team for 2 years.

HSMC will continue to prepare for Harvard MIT Math Tournaments that will take place at MIT in February. Click here to learn more about High School Math Club and OCMC!


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