OCMC Team A Scores Perfect on the Harvard-MIT Team Round Competition

 by Andrew Ma, University High School, Class of 2013

Orange County Math Circle hosted the First Annual Harvard-MIT Online Math Tournament. Several high school students from various high schools partook in individual and team rounds, and teams organized by the OCMC did exceptionally well. The OCMC Team A, consisting of Johnny Li, Alex Ramires, Simon Wu, Kevin Yin, Sean Kanne, and Raku Watari received a perfect score on the Team Round as well as doing exceptionally well on the massive eighty-minute Guts Round. Individual Kevin Yin received a 38 on the Theme Round, and in a tie for second were individuals Kevin Zhang (Harvard-Westlake) and Andrew Ma (University High) with 23. Overall, the event was a large success, mainly due to the coordination of the OCMC as well as the assistance of Dr. James Li, the director of Avid Academy and Mr. Kent Merryfield, the patron professor of the California American Regional Math Competition (ARML) team.

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