First Practice Session For OCMC Math Team

by Kevin Lee, University High School, Class of 2014 and Leon Yao, Troy High School, Class of 2012

Attendance was high as OCMC kicked off the preparations for the Harvard MIT Mathematics Contest. In the next year, the Orange County Math Circle will be sending math teams of advanced middle school and high school students to compete in a variety of math competitions all over the nation. Forty students showed up and worked through a practice contest and later went over the solutions with volunteers Leon Yao, Andrew Ma, and Dai Yang. The students also formed groups to work on the more difficult proof-based team round. Although it was quite challenging, many of them gained their first experience with proof-writing. Overall, it proved a great success as practices will continue throughout the year.

The Math Team's Philosophy

The Orange County Math Circle Math Team was organized to give its top students the opportunity to compete in the various team tournaments throughout the year, such as the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, the Stanford Math Tournament, and Math Day at the Beach. Every three to four weeks, the Math Team will be having practice sessions where the students will be taking and reviewing past competition problems. Leon Yao and Andrew Ma are in charge of running and teaching these practice sessions.  

Our goal is to have the students work together with other like-minded individuals and learn to love math, while earning recognition at these competition and displaying the true talent and dedication the students in Orange County have for mathematics. The competitions will mostly be local, but for both the Harvard-MIT and Stanford Math Tournaments, OCMC will be sending a team to compete on-site. This offers a great learning experience and a rare opportunity to compete in these prestigious competitions as part of a traveling math team.

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