First Summer Development Meeting for Santa Ana Math Club Program

by Alex Zivkovic, University High School, Class of 2013

With the school year approaching, the Orange County Math Circle has begun operating for the year ahead. On a Saturday in the middle of a gorgeous summer, nearly 20 dedicated volunteers came to a “Summer Development Team” meeting in the early morning.

Coming in with a strict work ethic, our volunteers went to work developing our Santa Ana Math Club (SAMC) program for the year ahead. Alex Zivkovic, the new president and SAMC organizer, lead the class with Elisa Young, current vice-president and tournament organizer, to instruct the new volunteers on what goals the organization had for the year ahead.

Having a mixture of new and former volunteers, this meeting featured the input of both the experienced teachers from past classes as well as the fresh opinions of new recruits. After a round of introductions, Elisa and Alex discussed the format of the tournaments and the SAMC classes that the volunteers would be expected to lead in the third functional year of OCMC.

Our first class became a learning experience for everyone involved (including the old volunteers!), since a discussion was started on the basics of mathematical knowledge. Alex presented the class with the question “what skills do you need to do mathematics?”

This developed into a discussion of vocabulary, technical notation, and even vague mathematical concepts. As the brainstorming pool widened, the focus turned to how this vast subject matter can be taught. How can something so diverse be condensed to simple levels that can easily be ingested? Our innovative volunteers then began to suggest radical ideas. “A game perhaps?” Or maybe a large-scale visual representation?

No idea was too big for our volunteers to come up with. They truly all had enormous visions, which we expect will translate into the classroom (to the delight of our Santa Ana students). And for that, we are all happy that an organization like OCMC exists to bring the top mathematical minds in Orange County together.

Kevin Bao, Troy High School, 9th Grade
Mike Bao, Suzanne Middle School, 7th Grade
Arjun Boddu, Dana Hills High School, 10th Grade
Anne Chen, University High School, 10th Grade
Tiffany Hsu, Woodbridge High School, 12th Grade
Vivian Hsu, Woodbridge High School, 10th Grade
Rianna Jitosho, Orange County High School of the Arts, 9th Grade
Irene Koo, Lakeside Middle School, 8th Grade
James Liao, University High School, 11th Grade
Andrew Ma, University High School, 11th Grade
Jennifer McCleary, Beckman High School, 9th Grade
Olivia Park, Northwood High School, 9th Grade
Parth Shah, Mission Viejo High School, 9th Grade
Elisa Young, Edison High School, 11th Grade
David Zheng, University High School, 10th Grade
Holly Zhou, Villa Park High School,10th Grade
Alex Zivkovic, University High School, 11th Grade

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