HMMT Practice Continues Successful + Parent Informational Meeting

by Kevin Lee, University High School, Class of 2014

Thirty eager students attended the second Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament practice session held last Sunday afternoon at Concordia. For many, it was their first experience with the contest, but they all displayed remarkable energy and had a good time.

To start the practice, a thought-provoking warm-up problem was given. After solvingĀ  the problem, the students proceeded to work through a practice individual round of the exam. Through it was quite challenging, many students did very well, and everyone gained valuable experience and knowledge, with Leon Yao and Dai Yang explaining each problem thoroughly. Then, the students formed groups of six for the team round, where they had lots of fun working together. The team exam had several very difficult problems, such as finding how many ways a ball can be launched from a vertex of a triangle so that it will end up at another vertex after exactly 2009 bounces, but the students energetically tackled them and achieved success.

While the students were practicing, the OCMC leadership team was holding an information meeting for parents. Among the things they discussed were the various programs that will be run by OCMC volunteers the upcoming year as well as additional opportunities for community service. They also discussed their goals for OCMC for the upcoming year and their plans for its future. To view the presentation, click here.

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