OCMC Begins AMC 8 Preparation Classes

by Kevin Lee, University High School, Class of 2014

On Sunday, September 18, OCMC held its first AMC 8 preparation class to high attendance. About 40 elementary and middle school students showed up for a lecture by OCMC volunteers and a practice exam.

Andrew Ma began the session with a discussion on geometry techniques important to problem solving. The students were very engaged, coming up with a plethora of creative ideas and actively participating. Time flew by very quickly and soon enough, it was time for the practice exam, which was 45 minutes long.

The students worked through the 25 problem exam. Several students blazed through the test, veteran test takers picking the problems apart, benefiting from their years of experience. Other less experienced students had more of a challenge, thinking hard on how to solve some of the unfamiliar problems. As the time wound down, there was a furious scribbling of pencils throughout the room, as the students tried to finish the last problem they were working on.

The tests were quickly graded and the students split into two groups to go over the tests. Quite a few students did impressively well, while those just beginning to start math competitions gained invaluable experience. When it was time to go home, the students all left having gained something. Whether it was increased confidence or new knowledge, everyone left better prepared for not only the AMC 8, but also math competitions in general of a similar nature. All in all, the practice was a great success, and a strong start to the year.

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