OCMC Launches Mu Alpha Theta Initiative

by Vickie Ye, Beckman High School, Class of 2013

This Saturday, September 19th, the Orange County Math Circle held a Mu Alpha Theta Informational Meeting at Concordia University to encourage members to start chapters in Orange County high schools. Mu Alpha Theta is a national honors math society that promotes math scholarship in high schools. Chapters can pursue both the competitive side of a math team and a service aspect of scholarship with peer tutoring. Joining Mu Alpha Theta also allows participation in contests sponsored by the organization.

Because the Orange County Math Circle and Mu Alpha Theta share similar missions and value, starting chapters all over Orange County together can benefit both organizations. OCMC can serve as the local support organization for Mu Alpha Theta chapters and share resources. OCMC can also use this endeavor to spread and gain new members from other areas in Orange County

Once a chapter is started, it must take steps to remain active and fulfill chapter responsibilities. For more information, visit www.mualphatheta.org and see the powerpoint covered on Saturday.

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