OCMC Receives MSRI Grant!

by Alex Zivkovic, University High School, Class of 2013

The Orange County Math Circle has received a grant from the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute for the second year in a row. The grant will total 2,000 dollars by the end of the next school year.

In the past year, OCMC used grant money to help support a variety of our programs. A large portion of the grant money went to helping out the students of Santa Ana through our Santa Ana Math Club. At these monthly meetings, we provided healthy snacks for each of the students. Additionally, our funding was used to provide students with a memorable gift. Custom designed t-shirts were given to each student who participated in the program.

At the All Girls Math Tournament, t-shirts designed by Elisa Young were also given to every student. Our remaining money was used to help support the rest of our programs, including the AMC 8 preparation seminars, the Mathcounts master classes, and our three major math tournaments.

In the year ahead, our funding will be used to fund similar things as in years past. Grant money will be used to assist any programs that need it.

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