2012 All-Girls Tournament

by Anne Chen, University High School, Class of 2014

This past Sunday, May 20, over 150 students participated in the 2012 All-Girls Tournament, a record high in the history of OCMC's annual All-Girls tournaments. The contest, which was held at St. Anne School in Laguna Niguel, featured a MATHCOUNTS style of competition.

The purpose of this tournament is to foster interest in math among young girls. As early as 12:30pm, girls from grades 3-8 streamed into the school gym.

Directors Anne Chen, Lexie Jiang, and Staphany Hou began the tournament promptly at 1:00pm with the 60-min. Individual Round test. The test featured a "Sprint" test of 30 questions and a "Target" test of 8, more challenging questions. The test, deliberately designed to be challenging, encouraged the girls to find creative ways to attack the problems.

Meanwhile, Dr. Li provided an inspiring math presentation to participants' parents from 1:15 - 3:00. Parents were then invited to attend the guest speaker presentation.

After the break, the students were ready for more! The girls took an origami-themed Team Round in which they collaborated with other students at their tables to create mathematically-related figures, including the Sonobe Tetrahedron, Cube, and Octahedron. Each group was also given a very challenging problem packet which allowed students to explore abstract geometric ideas and concepts.

Everybody was looking forward to our guest speaker presentation at 3:30. This year's guest speaker, Ms. Elizabeth Mounir Pingston, gave a unique and personally insightful speech on the various applications of mathematics in aerospace engineering. She encouraged the over 400 parents and students to continue pursuing a passion in mathematics, and that her own passion led her to love her current occupation as one of the leading women in her field.

Speaker Ms. Mounir Pingston

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Finally, what we've all been waiting for: the awards ceremony. Top three individuals in each grade received trophies. At the conclusion of yet another successful All-Girls Tournament, T-shirts were passed to each contestant, with OCMC volunteers inviting girls to continue to pursue their interests in math and to meet them again next year!

2012 Tests: 3-4 / 5-6 / 7-8 / AnsKey

Results for 2012 All-Girls Competition:

 3rd Grade:

1. Tejal Patel - Heritage Oak Elementary

2. Seychelle Balog - St. Anne School

3. Stella Krone - Mirman Elementary

4th Grade:

1. Karen Seo Yeong Chung - Northwood Elementary

2. Jiyeon Kim - Deerfield Elementary

3. Jimin Kim - Deerfield Elementary

5th Grade:

1. Michelle Hung - Turtle Rock Elementary

2. Lan Jiang - Turtle Rock Elementary

3. Jenna Schindele - Vista Verde

6th Grade:

1. Alyssa Laske - Woodsboro

2. Victoria Chamberlin - Woodsboro

3. Emily McPhie - Homeschool

7th Grade:

1. Annie Gao - Plaza Vista

2. Jennifer Choi - Oxford Academy

3. Isabelle Zhou - Rancho San Joaquin

8th Grade: 

1. Michelle Chen - Rancho San Joaquin

2. Clare Zhu - Sierra Vista

3. Esther Guan - Villegas

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