2012 Thanksgiving Tournament

Pedestrians and drivers were surprised to see so much activity at Edison High School on a school holiday. The Orange County Math Circle held its 4th annual Thanksgiving Tournament November 24th. A hefty attendance of at least 142 elementary school students from across Orange County gathered at this big event to celebrate Thanksgiving in their own way. In a rigorous math competition, students passionate about math engaged in a friendly but fast-paced contest of mathematical skill.

Gathering at Edison High School since the early hour of 8:30, families escorted their young competitors to their seats. Once registration was over, volunteers Meril Tomy and Olivia Park began the opening ceremony, introducing parents and students to the event. Like the previous tournaments, this year’s consisted of an individual round and a team round – a refreshing opportunity for students to exercise their creativity, tackle challenging problems with friends, and go beyond what they are taught in school.

A toy drive, held by Anne Chen, a volunteer, impressed volunteers and visitors alike. The table, piled high with over 50 donated toys, was a testament to the generosity of the community.

In the individual round, students had an hour to match wits with four rounds of eight problems each. Students sat in deep contemplation and analysis, confronting each problem with their best effort. Designed to be difficult, the individual round met few perfect scores, but participants nonetheless felt a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work.

Following a break, the team round began with renewed enthusiasm from all the students. For 20 minutes, teammates, grouped by school, tackled ten problems. Actively engaged in discussion, the teams employed creative techniques to maximize the number of problems solved.

Having completed the competition, students took another break, and were then treated with a fun Wizard of Oz-themed problem set activity.

Finally, the award ceremony recognized the top scoring individuals and teams in this year’s Thanksgiving Tournament. With such a successful event, the Orange County Math Circle looks forward to continuing its mission to spread math culture and holding its upcoming New Years Tournament in January.

The full article and the full list of participants is available here.


2012 TT Tests:

Individual Round: 3rd / 4th / 5th / 6th

Team Round: 3rd / 4th / 5th / 6th

Individual+Team Answer Key

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