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2019 AMC 10/12A: Thursday, February 7 at Irvine Chinese School (9 Truman, Irvine, CA 92620) from 6:00PM-8:00 PM

2019 AMC 10/12B: Wednesday, February 13 at Irvine Chinese School (9 Truman, Irvine, CA 92620) from 6:00PM-8:00 PM

AMC 8 Results

Over 175 students took the AMC 8 at the Orange County Math Circle location. The test contained 25 multiple-choice questions of varying difficulty - scores were based on the number of questions answered correctly.

If you took the AMC 8, scores have been sent out. Contact Alex Zivkovic if you have not received your score.

The school winner was Edward Xu with a perfect score of 25.

Other achievements include:

Distinction (with a score of 22 and above):

Hyun Jae Lee

Benjamin Chen

Mike Bao

Calvin Brown

Jason Ye

Yuton G Dai

Lia Tian

Eric Yang

Justin Li

Isabelle Zhou

Thomas Kwa

Alexander Qu

Daniel Lin

David Chen

Michelle Hung

Jaeyong (John) Park

Sandeep Kambhampati

Honor Roll (with a score of 18 to 21):

Artyom Lisitsyn

Brandon Wang

Ethan Davis

Alexander Tsao

Aurnov Chattopadhyay

David Shaw

Justin Chuang

Daniel Shi

Amy Zhong

Soham Bose

Benjamin Chang

Robert Chang

James Chen

Jaeyub Chnung

Norman Chu

Yuchen Fan

Annie Gao

Lan Jiang

Suchir Joshi

Keuho Kim

Ryan Kim

Minwoo Kwon

Kevin Le

Hyun Woo Lee

Andrew Li

Aaron Liu

Yu Xi Ma

Anton Ni

Kushagra Pande

Jungwoo Park

Angelina Ye

Santhoshh Shunmugaraja

Anivrit Subramaniam

Austin Sun

Ashwin Tripathi

Nyle Wong

Ziyi Wu

Brian H Xu

Kaitlyn Yang

Ethan Yoshioka

Elizabeth Zietz

Achievement Roll (sixth grade or below with a score of 15 or above):

Soham Bose

Benjamin Chang

Harry Chen

James Y Chen

Justin Chen

Karen Chung

Shanglin Dai

Adam Hung

Michelle Hung

Lan Jiang

Jimin Kim

Keuho Kim

Cole P Ellison

Ryan H Kim

Minwoo Kwon

Evan Lee

Hyun Woo Lee

Kipum J Lee

Artyom Lisitsyn

Aaron Liu

Anton Ni

Hyoungjin Park

Jaeyong (John) Park

Jungwoo Park

Ihn Shin

Anivrit Subramaniam

Joshua Wong

Nyle Wong

Alair Zhao

Amy Zhong

Congratulations to all the participants!

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