2013 New Year Invitational

On January 19th, 2013, OCMC hosted the 2013 New Year’s Invitational at Irvine’s University High School. Over 130 students participated in a unique mathematical experience. The tournament is based off of MathCounts, the national middle school math competition that will hold its first round of competition in less than a month.

The competition started at around 1:00 pm with the Sprint Round, which constituted of 30 questions to be solved in 40 minutes. The mood inside the MPR, previously rowdy and festive, turned serious as competitors raced against the clock to solve difficult math problems. This year, all competitors took the same test regardless of grade level. When time was called, the answer documents were collected, and the students were allowed to take a short break from math. The next part of the competition was the Target Round, which had problems that were slightly more difficult compared to those of the Sprint Round. Soon, the individual portion of the competition was over, and students went outside for another break.

Next came the Team Round, which was more relaxed. Students worked together in groups, putting their minds together to solve problems that were created by veteran math competitors.

Once the graders finished compiling the list of top students, the top 16 were announced. The 16 students were to participate in the Countdown Round. The Countdown might be the most anticipated part of the New Year’s Invitational because the spectators get to see just how quickly students can solve the problems. This part of the competition pitted student against student in a best-of-3 elimination style competition. The tension in the air was almost tangible as spectators excitedly watched the students fly through the questions. The final two students were Jason Ye of Rancho San Joaquin and Yan Tao of Carmel Valley Middle School. The battle for first place was electrifying, and the lead changed quickly. In the end, Jason emerged victorious.

Awards were given out for the top scorers in each category (below), including both individual and team awards. Seventh and eighth graders competed in the same category, while sixth graders and younger were in another.

By the end of the day, there was no doubt that everyone was exhausted. Congratulations to every student who took time out of their Saturdays to compete at this year’s New Year Invitational.

Special thanks to University High School and its Math Club advisors Mrs. Kurdziel and Mrs. Hudgins for helping out and to all of OC Math Circle’s dedicated volunteers!

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