Johns Hopkins University SET Meeting

by Michelle Chen, Sage Hill School, Class of 2016

On a cool, windy Sunday of November 24th, 2013, the Grimm Hall Auditorium in Concordia University was nearly filled with smiling, eager middle and high school students and their parents, each proudly brandishing the name tags that declared them Johns Hopkins University SET members. The over 100 audience members sat talking and listening to the music blasting over the speakers, waiting for the long-awaited SET meeting hosted by SET parents Wendy Li and Dr. Michelle Muratori as well as the seven distinguished alumni panelists sitting in the front of the room.

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Professor Muratori started off the discussion with several well-placed and informative questions, such as “Why did you choose your school”, “Explain one good thing and one bad thing about your school”, and “What advice would you have for the interview process.” The microphone was passed from alumni panelist to alumni panelist, including Dr. Wei Zhou from Princeton University, Eric Loke from Washington University, Roger Philips from Princeton, Professor Michelle Khine from UC Berkeley, Andrew Murray from University of Pennsylvania, Grace Kim from Harvard University, and last but not least, Dr. Raymond Kwa from Cornell University. As they each shared insightful pieces of advice for the college process and the benefits and disadvantages of overthinking and overworking, the SET members gradually gleaned more knowledge and certainty in themselves and their own abilities and talents, leaving the room at the end of two inspiring hours with a newfound confidence.

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