2014 AMC 10/12

by Anne Chen and Staphany Hou, Class of 2014, University High School

On Tuesday, February 4th, over 100 middle and high school students gathered at Irvine Chinese School to take the American Mathematics Competition 10 and 12A, hosted by Orange County Math Circle. An annual competition, the AMC 10 and 12 A are geared towards high school students, but many high-achieving middle school students take the tests as well. Students, sitting down in the upstairs classroom, were registered for either the 10A or the 12A. The multiple choice test covered difficult mathematics concepts that are not normally taught in school. By the end of the night, as parents came to pick up their children, students had each solved 25 problems. Many students would return in just a couple of weeks to take the AMC 10/12B.

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On Wednesday, February 19, we had our AMC10/12 B exam at Irvine Chinese School. Volunteers began setting up at 5:15pm to prepare for the exam. This time, a total of 121 students tested on AMC 10, while 44 students tested on AMC 12. 7 high school teachers served as proctors for our second round of AMCs, which will determine the contestants' eligibility for the American Invitational Math Exams (AIME). Scores will be emailed out to contestants in early March. Typically, a 120 score on AMC 10 or a 100.5 score on AMC 12 will guarantee eligibility for the AIME, but depending on the specific difficulty of the year's tests, cutoff scores may be curved lower. OCMC's AIME exam will be held on Thursday, March 13, time and location TBD.

Furthermore, OCMC passed out their AMC 8 awards from November's test at the venue on Wednesday. If you have received an AMC 8 awards but were unable to pick up your certificate, we will have awards available for pick-up at our All-Girls' Tournament.

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