The Peak of the MathCounts Season

Many current students of the OC Math Circle competed at the Mathcounts Chapter competition at UCI last Saturday, February 22. Leading up to the competition, OCMC volunteers had been coaching students every weekend to teach them the fundamentals of problem solving through various types of Mathcounts problems.

Jason Ye, a freshman at University High School, leads the class as one of the head instructors. As a competitor at the state level just last year, he said, "I enjoyed teaching the students very much.  It was hard being the teacher, but I liked it.  It was nice to pass on what I had learned to younger students to help them succeed.” Jason attended the chapter level competition this year as a volunteer to support his students.

Though some students in the Mathcounts class did not compete this year, they walked away from the class with valuable skills they can apply to any type of problem solving. Students from fifth to eighth grade attended the free class in hopes of gaining experience and learning the basics of number theory, counting, probability, geometry, and other topics.

“Our students’ enthusiasm to learn encourages me to keep teaching,” said Wendy Wei, a senior at University High who has now taught OCMC Middle School classes for two years. “They were lots of fun, and I look forward to seeing them mature and participating in the math community for years to come.”
OCMC wishes well to the competitors going on to the state round. For those hoping to improve their skills, OCMC is hosting the All Girls Tournament on May 4th. Class will resume in September for students learning competition math at the AMC 8 level.

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