2014 ARML Local

by Victor Chen, Troy High School, Class of 2016

On April 27, 4 teams of eager math enthusiasts gathered at University Towers, Irvine. Even before the participants began to trickle in, volunteers and coordinators had already arrived to set up the rooms in preparation. The head proctor for the competition was Professor Kent Merryfield, experienced Southern California ARML coach. This competition, held by OCMC, was the ARML Local, a local version of the annual national American Regions Mathematics League competition held at the end of May. Many students on the four ARML Local teams are also affiliated with the SoCal ARML team. In fact, every member on OCMC’s Team Alpha is a member of the SoCal A1 ARML team!

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The competition began at around 1 pm with the Team Round, in which teams of up to six people collaborated to solve difficult problems. This year’s team round featured problems from all areas of math over a broad difficulty range. After the 45 minutes were over, the participants gathered in the main classroom for the Individual Round. Each person was given five sets of 2 problems, which proved to be deceptively challenging. Several low numbered problems proved particularly tricky. For example, almost half of all the competitors missed the first question. The main competition concluded with a Relay Round. In this round, students formed sub-teams of 2, 3, and 6 members. Each team member completed and passed answers in a linear format; the person on the right required the answer of the person on the left to complete his/her own problem. Only the final answer in each subgroup was counted, so a single mistake by any student would throw off the entire question.

Finally, only the Tiebreaker Round was left before the scores were announced. Eric Xu, Michelle Chen, and Victor Chen all performed very well, each scoring 8 out of 10 on the Individual Round. To break the tie, they competed to try and solve a tiebreaker question in the shortest time possible. After the round, Professor Merryfield announced that all three competitors failed to correctly solve the tiebreaker question and remained at a three way tie. The overall results saw OCMC Team Alpha at third place in the nation with 116 points. The OCMC Team Flaming Burritos placed second locally at 56 points. OCMC would like to thank Professor Merryfield for his tremendous help in running the competition. Lastly, OCMC congratulates all our competitors on their performances, and wishes the best of luck to the SoCal ARML teams at UNLV on May 30 and 31!

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