The Beginning of a Journey

by Michael Wu, University High School, Class of 2018

For the next ten weeks, a group of thirty students will embark on a mathematical journey that aims to enrich their not only their mathematical concepts but their lives.  This ten week course is in preparation for the national AMC 8 competition, but the class prepares them for so much more…

The anticipation and expectations for the first meeting of the Middle School Math Club were immense. Weeks prior, registration for the class filled up within forty minutes.  Parents and students alike both eagerly waited for the 3 o’clock meeting to begin.

Volunteers steadily piled into the classroom, preparing for the upcoming educational class.  Some volunteers worked diligently on studying the materials for the lesson while others worked on writing Warm-Up problems for the class.

Once 3 o’clock came around, students started filling up the classroom and working on the warm-up problems.  Once all the students arrived, the volunteers introduced themselves and the students familiarized themselves with their new peers.

Afterwards, the test on Basic Algebra was handed out and the students worked out the solutions to thirty-five problems, varying in their degree of difficulty.  When the forty-five minutes of test taking time concluded, the students were allowed a much-needed break and the volunteers started grading their tests.

When the students came back, they were split up into three-person groups with a volunteer at the helm.  The student to volunteer ratio was a healthy 3:1.  The small group size was specially designed to reap the most benefits for all of the students.  Since this group would be together for five weeks, the volunteers got to personally know each of their students and build a connection with them. The volunteers then guided the students through difficult questions and proposed similar new problems to ensure maximum profit for the students.  For the remainder of the class period, the students asked questions and the teachers responded.

When five o’clock rolled around, not a single student wanted to leave.  All of them wanted to stay longer, learn more problems, and have fun for as long as possible.  But sadly, all good things must come to an end and the class concluded at roughly 5:10.

All in all, after two hours of hard work, the students left with new mathematical concepts and the volunteers left with valuable life experience.

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