High School Math Club First Meeting 2014

by Benjamin Chen, Diamond Bar High School, Class of 2017

Throughout this school year, a group of hardy high schoolers will convene to learn mathematical concepts that will push them to their limits. They’ll go through a rigorous curriculum that will challenge their mathematical skills and make them strive to become better.

Students streamed into the classroom well before 3:00, the planned starting time. There were freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors from various high schools, and even some younger kids that attended the inaugural meeting of the High School Math Club. When all was finally settled, an introductory test was handed out that gauged the mathematical experience of the participants.
After the students completed the challenging test, every participant introduced themselves with their name, school, and favorite activity. When everyone had become acquainted with each other, the math began. First, the tests were corrected and solutions were explained. Then, the students were presented with handouts introducing them to the wonderful concept of induction. Hardy students who were familiar with the method of induction were given challenging problems to grind on, while students new to induction listened carefully as it was explained to them. Examples were worked through, and every participant took thorough notes.

Each student was placed in a group, and given induction problems to try their hand on. Intense discussion was heard all around the classroom, and the teachers moved from group to group to check progress and give small hints. Although the concept of induction was a challenge to understand, the teachers gave helpful tips on how to better apply the method of induction, and many groups solved quite a few problems.

When the meeting drew to a close, some students stayed behind to chat with the instructors, asking perceptive questions and thanking the teachers for the wonderful two hours. All in all, the students had a great time at the meeting, getting a good taste of what’s to come in the future.

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