All Girls Math Tournament

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Free Math Event for Girls (Grades 3 - 8)

Registration for the All Girls Math Tournament is now open! Register here.

The All Girls Math Tournament is hosted in order to encourage more girls' interest in mathematics as part of our goal to strengthen math culture.

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Date and Location

  • Date: Saturday, April 1, 2017
  • Time: 01:00 PM - 04:30 PM
  • Location:
    St. Margaret's Episcopal School
    31641 La Novia Ave
    San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
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  • 12:30 PM - 01:00 PM             Check-In / Welcome
  • 01:00 PM - 02:20 PM             Individual Round
  • 02:20 PM - 02:35 PM             Break / Bake Sale
  • 02:35 PM - 03:15 PM             Team Round
  • 03:15 PM - 03:30 PM             Break / Bake Sale
  • 03:30 PM - 04:00 PM             Guest Speech by Dr. Claro
  • 04:00 PM - 04:30 PM             Awards Ceremony



This free event is open to all girls in 3rd - 8th grades from public, private, or home schools on a first-come, first-served registration basis. 

Registration for the 2017 All Girls Math Tournament has not opened yet.


T-Shirt Design Competition

Here are the guidlines for the T-shirt design contest.

If you have submissions for the 2017 T-shirt design contest, please send them to Natalie Yee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The winner of the 2017 T-shirt design contest will be announced at the 2017 All Girls Math Tournament!


Guest Speaker

Our 2016 guest speaker was Dr. Wanda I. Claro! The title of her presentation was "There's Math in Orthodontics!"

Dr. Claro has an Anthropology Major and has received her D.D.S. and B.S. in Health Sciences from the University of California, San Francisco, and her M.S. in Oral Biology, Dual Specialty Certificates in Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry from the University of California, Los Angeles. She is a currently serves as a Senior Partner of the Irvine Orthodontics and Children's Dental Specialists. She is also a Diplomate on the American Board of Orthodontics and served as the President of the California Association of Orthodontists in 2014 and 2015. 

The 2017 guest speaker has not been determined yet. 


Event Information

  • This event will consist of an individual round of written exam, a team activity of math games and puzzles, a guest speech, and an award ceremony.
  • Teams consist of 6 participants each. Participants must form teams within their grade sections: grades 3 and 4 can be in a team, grades 5 and 6 can be in a team, and grades 7 and 8 can be in a team.
  • Participants can form teams beforehand. If they do not have a team, they will be put into teams on the day of the tournament.



If you have any questions about participating in this event or if you are a high school student interested in volunteering for the event, please contact Natalie Yee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you for your interest!


The registration for the 2017 All Girls Math Tournament is now open! Register here.

2017 Individual Winners

3rd Grade:

1. Marissa Huang
2. Sarah Xiong
3. Audrey Huang

4th Grade:

1. Bena Feng
2. Sophia Zhou
3. Allison Hung

5th Grade:

1. Fiona Lee
2. Kristine Lu
3. Sophia Chen

6th Grade:

1. Konnie Dian

2. Aniyah Shen

3. Yi-Ning Li

7th Grade:

1. Audrey Lim
2. Shivana Dhingra
3. Angela Chen

8th Grade:

1. YouBin Cho
2. Selene Huang 
3. Sana Manesh

2017 Team Winners

3rd-4th Grade:

1. Allison Hung, Sophia Zhou, Diya Sreedhar, Marissa Huang, Sabina Khizroev, Audrey Huang
2. Katie Karathanasis, Nancy Sun, Sloae Tanenbaum, Kate Kamenstein, Kate Goldberg, Emma Garfin 

5th-6th Grade:

1. Kristine Lu, Sophia Chen, Wendy Cao, Tanyi Boga 
2 .Omir Luqman, Siah Cho, Marisol Guillena, Anne Hiraki, Fiona Lee, Laila Aissi

7th-8th Grade:

1. Parisa Khashayar, Melody Chang, Shrishti Dalal, Samia Sarker, YouBin Cho, Hannah Jang
2. Claire Choi, Elaine Zhou, Selene Huang, Shua Cho, Cindy Zhang

2016 Individual Winners

3rd Grade:

1. Allison Hung
2. Katelyn Gan
3. Marissa Huang

4th Grade:

1. Kristine Lu
2. Wendy Cao
3. Fiona Lee

5th Grade:

1. Konnie Duan
2. Georgia Goldberg
3. Cassidy Kao

6th Grade:

1. Gina Lee
2. Shivana Dhingra
3. Shrishti Dalal

7th Grade:

1. Hannah Zhang
2. Selene Huang
3. Claire Choi

8th Grade:

1. Darcy Chung
2. Shereen Aissi
3. Jiin Kim

2016 Team Winners

3rd-4th Grade:

1. Wendy Cao, Melody Yu, Kristine Lu, Amy Hwang, Katelyn Gan, Diya Surana
2. Allison Hung, Jessie Chen, Ariana Perez, Marissa Huang, Audrey Huang, Louisa Bouzid

5th-6th Grade:

1. Simone Yang, Elizabeth McMahon, Emily Kim, Lea Park, Colette Reed, Alexandra Keyser
2. Lindsey Yi, Grace Shao, Samantha Shon, Olivia Shon, Virginia Egan

7th-8th Grade:

1. Suhaani Gupta, Soo Hyung Kim, Tasha Nguyen, Mona Reddy Kurra
2. Claire Choi, Selene Huang, Elaine Zhou, Sophie Hwang, Angela Xiang, Hannah Zhang

2015 Individual Winners

3rd Grade:

1. Yohana Kim
2. Kristine Lu
3. Katherine Given

4th Grade:

1. Konnie Duan
2. Krystal Tran
3. Cindy Ding

5th Grade:

1. Hannah Jang
2. Shrishti Dalal
3. Audrey Lim

6th Grade:

1. Selene Hunag
2. Elaine Zhou
3. Claire Choi

7th Grade:

1. Catherine Cui
2. Shivana Anand
3. Sun Jae Kim

8th Grade:

1. Kathy Lee
2. Natalie Yee
3. Sophie Courtney

2015 Team Winners

3rd-4th Grade:

1. Samantha Plageman, Konnie Duan, Chloe Appel, Alexandra Sangster, Cora Baker, and Georgia Goldberg
2. Claudia Mains, Kempton Gohn, Reaghan Larkin, Kaitlin Tam, Zoe Abarca, and Suhani Pawar
2. Perla Pingston, Laili Aissi, Manasi Narsina, Yi-Ning Li, and Dominique Oertel

5th-6th Grade:

1. Carly Zhou, Elaine Zhou, Grace, Saaraa Danish, and Kamille Dimayuga
2. Surina Arora, Shivana Dhingra, Sunina Sharma, Claire Choi, Selene Huang, and Sophie Hwang

7th-8th Grade:

1. Natalie Yee, Katherine McPhie, Sophie Courtney, Sun Jae Kim, Sameeha Khan, and Jamie Chang
2. Catherine Cui, Samiksha Komatireddy, Shivana Anand, Audrey Harjanto, Julia Kim, and Dana Lim

2014 Individual Winners

3rd Grade:

1. Cassidy Kao
2. Kiran Jayasinghe
3. Yohana Kim

4th Grade:

1. Hannah Jang
2. Erin Jeon
3. Audrey Lim

5th Grade:

1. Selene Huang
2. Soohyung Kim
3. Olivia Garrett

6th Grade:

1. Yi-Ann Li
2. Katherine McPhie
3. Jeongyoon Yeo

7th Grade:

1. Kathy Lee
2. Natalie Yee
3. Kelly Tran

8th Grade:

1. Lucy Liu
2. Soumya Ravichandran
3. Kaitlyn Yang

2014 Team Winners

3rd-4th Grade:

Vanishta Pagdiwala
Ellie Brem
Tessa Baker
Cassidy Kao
Ashley Liu
Uma Joshi

5th-6th Grade:

Yi-Ann Li
Jennifer Frey
Phoebe Wang
Hannah Li
Katherine McPhie

7th-8th Grade:

Jasmine Yang
Frankie Son
Prisha Sadhwani
Kathy Lee
Tiffany Huynh
Sophie Courtney


Sample problems and solutions with similar difficulty and techniques to the All-Girls Math Tournament can be found here.

Coordinators 2016

  • Tournaments Directors: Natalie Yee, Jason Ye

  • Problem Czar: Victor Chen
  • Emcees: Michelle Kim, Sophie Courtney
  • Head Proctors: Neah Lekan, Sasha Kvitsinski, Drew Vollero
  • Head Grader: Michelle Hung
  • Fundraising: Michael Wu
  • Webmaster: Anna Lou, Natalie Yee
  • Photographer: Nikki Cheung, David Bao

Coordinators 2015

  • Tournaments Director: Jason Ye

  • Problem Czar: Victor Chen
  • Emcees: Neah Lekan, Angelina Ye
  • Head Proctors: Austin Sun, Benjamin Chen
  • Head Grader: Victor Chen
  • Fundraising: Michael Wu, James Gui
  • Webmaster: Anna Lou, Natalie Yee
  • Photographer: Lia Tian

Coordinators 2013



  • Tournament Director: Michelle Chen
  • Problem Czar: Eric Xu
  • Emcees: Lia Tian, Staphany Hou
  • Head Proctors: Eric Xu, Jason Ye
  • Problem Committee: Michelle Chen, Victor Chen, Benjamin Chen, Jason Ye
  • Head Graders: Victor Chen, Benjamin Chen
  • Fundraising: George Hu
  • Webmaster: Dennis Shim
  • Photographer: Ryan Lim

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