Thanksgiving Tournament

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A fun and free math tournament for 3rd to 6th graders.  

The printable event flyer for the 2016 Thanksgiving Tournament can be found here.

Date and Location

  • Date: November 5, 2016
  • Time: 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Location:
    St. Margaret's Episcopal School
    31641 La Novia Ave
    San Juan Capistrano, CA 82675
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  • 12:30 - 1:00              Check-in
  • 1:00 - 1:10                Welcome
  • 1:10 - 2:25                Individual Round
  • 2:25 - 2:35                Break
  • 2:35 - 3:10                Team Round
  • 3:10 - 4:00                Activity Round
  • 4:00 - 4:30                Awards Ceremony



This event is free and open to students in grades 3-6. Both individuals and teams are accepted. 200 students will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Event Information

  • The individual round consists of 4 sets of 8 problems each.
  • The team round consists of fewer but more challenging problems aimed at testing a student's depth in mathematics.
  • Teams consist of 6 people each. Participants can form teams beforehand, but they all need to be in the same grade. If participants do not have a team, they will be put into teams on the day of the tournament.


Toy Drive

OCMC not only strives to inspire young mathematicians, but it also provides some students with financial need with an interactive learning environment. (We also teach math in the Santa Ana Unified District to students who have the passion but lack the resources to become mathematicians.) It's the holiday season, and we would like children to have a warm and merry Christmas with presents. We encourage you to expand upon our cause and make a difference. All volunteers and participants, please consider bringing in a new, packaged, but unwrapped gift valued at $5-$20 to the Thanksgiving Tournament. Thank you for your donation! Your generosity will touch a child's heart this Christmas!



OCMC would like to thank St. Margaret's Episcopal School for its gracious support of the Thanksgiving Tournament.



If you have any questions about participating in this event or if you are a high school student interested in volunteering for the event, please contact Natalie Yee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you for your interest!

Registration will open on September 26 8:00am hereRegistration will close on October 21 or when all spots are filled. The waitlist can be found here

Individual Winners 2016

3rd Grade:

1. Sacha Pirghibi
2. Justin Kline
3. Benjamin Schwartz,
4. Michael Jian
5. Nikita Karnik
6. Ryan Manesh

4th Grade:

1. Katelyn Gan
2. Agam Randhawa
3. Alex Lee
4. Eric Lee
5. Nethum Sagara
6. Will Chen

5th Grade:

1. Joshua Jang
2. Kristine Lu
3. Amudhan Gurumoorthy
4. Fiona Lee
5. Nathan Ouyang
6. Evan Lim

6th Grade:

1. Konnie Duan
2. Matthew Dorman
3. Cindy Ding
4. Euro Kim
5. Grace Hudson
6. Chloe Appel

Team Winners 2016

3rd Grade:

1. Chloe Forsyth, Sascha Pirghisi, Ryan Manesh, Shaurya Mittal, JD Forsyth, Maverick Hoyt
2. Marissa Huang, Claire Song, Alex Kim, Audrey Huang, Celine Curtisi, Ani Alyanakian 

4th Grade:

1. Allison Hung, Ketelyn Gan, Nethum Sagara, Tom Doan, Dang-Khoa Nguyen, Troy Nguyen
2.Jack, Alex, Eric, Rowan, Spencer

5th Grade:

1. Kion M. Kevin Zhou, Jaiden M., Joshua Jang, Jason D.
2.Evan Lim, Jonathon Soto, Priyanka Moharraj, Alexis Tran, Samuel Pisoncita

6th Grade:

1. Chloe Appel, Grace Hudson, Konnie Duan, Ryan Jeong, Brendan Horran Handler, Zachary Felisan, Levon Alyanakian 
2. Talia Nguyen, Cindy Ding, Jenny Gu, Jude Alexis, Krystal Trah, Gian Dhingra

Individual Winners 2015

3rd Grade:

1. Allison Hung
2. Elaine Cui
3. Shaurya Mittal
4. Ryan Manesh
5. Estella Sky Keyoung
6. William Viola

4th Grade:

1. Joshua Jang
2. Kristine Lu
3. Fiona Lee
4. Bhadra Rupesh
5. Evan Lim
6. Nathan Ouyang

5th Grade:

1. Ethan Sokol
2. Konnie Duan
3. Aili McGregor
4. Brian Song
5. Devin Thomas
6. Cassidy Kao

6th Grade:

1. Andrew Gu
2. Michael McPhie
3. Matthew Lou
4. Keith Bauer
5. Audrey Lim
6. Catherine Diyakonov

Individual Winners 2014

3rd Grade:

1. Joshua Jang
2. John McPhie
3. Amudhan Gurumoorthy
4. Kristine Lu
5. Shoshana Elgart
6. Jason Dong

4th Grade:

1. Ethan Sokol
2. Lorenzo Lopez
3. Hayden Suslow
4. Konnie Duan
5. Jun Young (Nic) Chun
6. Sai Satvik Kolla

5th Grade:

1. Michael Zhang
3. Michael McPhie
4. Matthew Lou
5. Hannah Jang
6. William Murray

6th Grade:

1. Andrei Mandelshtam
2. Pranav Kalyan
3. Harry Yuan
4. Kevin Du
5. Garrett Kay
6. Alex Yan

Team Winners 2014

3rd Grade:

1. Prakruthi Praveen, Emma Wang, Jessey Chae, Jacob Bauer, Joshua Jang
2.Allison Hung, Kristine Lu, Titus Chan, Daniel Saffold, Ariana, Clarisse

4th Grade:

1. Jenny Gu, Cindy Ding, David Chen, Erika Li, Lorenzo Lopez
2.Sai Satvik Kolla, Ian Patterson, Jun Young (Nic) Chun, Gian, Matthew Darius

5th Grade:

1. Eric Lee, Jason Yang, Alex Fu, William Murray, Sarya Subbarao, Sushanth Sathish Kumar
2.Hanna Jang, Elena Kim, Shivana Dhingra, Jole Zhang, Langden Zhu

6th Grade:

1. Kendrick, Faith Kim, Eric Yoon, Victoria Nguyen, Justin Chung, Ben Liu
2. Aaron Peterseil, Alaina Klaes, Cary Zhou, Garrett Kay, Nora Peterseil, Sana Manesh

Individual Winners 2013

3rd Grade:

1. Lorenzo Lopez, Veritas Press Scholars Academy
2. Konnie Duan, Laurence School
3. Ethan Sokol, Laurence School
4. Sai Satvik Kolla, Stone Creek
5. Gian Dhingra, St. Mary's
6. Ryan Jeong, Laurence School

4th Grade:

1. Keith Bauer, College Park Elementary
2. Michael Zhang, Penne Kemp
3. Ethan Yao, Turtle Rock Elementary
4. Hannah Jang, Deerfield Elementary
5. Matthew Lou, Turtle Rock Elementary
6. Nathaniel Kang, Grace Classical

5th Grade:

1. Andrei Mandelshtam, Vista Verde
2. Pranav Kaylan, Willow Elementary
3. Kavin Krishnam, Turtle Rock Elementary
4. Vardaan Bhat, Turtle Rock Elementary
5. Eric Gao, Brywood Elementary
6. Akhilan Gurumoorthy, Myford

6th Grade:

1. Cole Ellison, Las Flores Middle School
2. Jeongyoon Yeo, Hermosa Dr
3. Ajinkya Rane, Westpark Elementary
4. Jimin Kim, Deerfield Elementary
5. Anivrit Subramaniam, Westpark
6. Soham Bose, Westpark Elementary

Team Winners 2013

3rd Grade:

1. Lorenzo Lopez, Tate Kolka, Erin Ahn, Jayani Srinivasan, Sriya Kalyan, Ariana Perez
2. Konnie Duan, Brendan Horan Handler, Ethan Sokol, Talia Nguyen, Bree Tassinari, Ryan Jeong

4th Grade:

1. Nathaniel Kang, Matthew Lou, Ethan Yao, Jaren Matsuda, Michael McPhie, Wilson Zhang
2. Elizabeth McMahon, Shuban Vellamena, Samia Sarkar, Surya Subbarao, Andrew Gao

5th Grade:

1. Robert Alford, Alaina Klaes, Matthew Motch, Jordan Chong, Garret Kay, Aaron Peterseil
2. Shaina Wang, Andrei Mandelshtam, Sophie Burkhardt, Alex Yan, Meghna Chundura, Henry Hamilton

6th Grade:

1. Kasra Lekan, Cole Ellison, James Gow, Matthew Rosenthal, Yegor Polakoff, Raphael Fakhreddine
2. Terrence Edson Lim, Jacob Kim, Ajinkya Rane, Soham Bose, Kevin Zhang, Anivrit Subramaniam


Below are the 2016 Thanksgiving Tournament tests and answer key.

3rd grade round 1, round 2, round 3, round 4, team round

4th grade round 1, round 2, round 3, round 4, team round

5th grade round 1, round 2, round 3, round 4, team round

6th grade round 1, round 2, round 3, round 4team round 

Master answer key

Sample problems and solutions with similar difficulty and techniques to the Thanksgiving Tournament can be found here.

Coordinators 2016

  • Tournaments Director: Natalie Yee

  • Assistant Directors: Alexander Kvistinski, Jerry Li
  • Problem Czars: Michelle Hung, Ivy Cao
  • Emcees: Neah Lekan, Elaine Chao
  • Head Proctors: Drew Vollero, Justin Li
  • Head Grader: Michelle Hung, Ivy Cao
  • Fundraising: Austin Sun, Michael Wu
  • Webmaster: Alexander Kvitsinski
  • Photographer: Jenny Li

Coordinators 2015




  • Tournaments Director: Jason Ye

  • Assistant Director: Natalie Yee
  • Problem Czar: Victor Chen
  • Emcees: Neah Lekan, Angelina Ye
  • Head Proctors: Austin Sun, Benjamin Chen
  • Head Grader: Victor Chen
  • Fundraising: Michael Wu, James Gui
  • Webmaster: Anna Lou, Natalie Yee
  • Photographer: Lia Tian

Coordinators 2014

  • Tournament Director: Jason Ye
  • Problem Czar: Eric Xu
  • Emcees: Neah Lekan, Angelina Ye
  • Head Proctors: Eric Xu, Benjamin Chen
  • Head Grader: Victor Chen
  • Fundraising: George Hu, Jeyla Aranjo
  • Webmaster: Ryan Lim
  • Photographers: Minh-Thi Nguyen, Ryan Lim

Coordinators 2013

  • Tournament Director: Michelle Chen
  • Problem Czar: Eric Xu
  • Emcees: David Zheng, Hyun Jong Kim
  • Head Proctor: Eric Xu
  • Problem Committee: Michelle Chen, Victor Chen, Benjamin Chen, Jonathan Huang, Daniel Sun
  • Head Graders: Staphany Hou, Victor Chen Venue
  • Coordinators: Hyun Jong Kim, Victor Chen
  • Fundraising: Staphany Hou, Max Liu
  • Promotion Directors: Isabelle Zhou, Annie Chang
  • Webmaster: Dennis Shim
  • Photographer: Irene Koo

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